The Costs of Owning a Car


You have a good job and you are getting a decent income. You feel independent and happy that you are actually accumulating more money than you are actually spending. Having more income and lesser expenses is the key to financial growth and independence . But just because you have a fat paycheck, does it actually … Read more

How to Fix Unmanageable Debt

It is not a pretty sight to see debt collectors knocking on your door, calling you day and night, taking your car away, or even seizing your home. What makes it even messier is that some people in debt, ignore collection letters, change their contact numbers, leave no forwarding address, and try to ditch. Don’t … Read more

Top 4 Bad Credit Habits

Buying items you can’t afford This is a no-brainer. People usually use credit to buy things because they don’t have cash on the spot. Not a problem if you can pay it off completely. However, it becomes a bad credit habit if they buy something that they can’t afford and are forced to finance the … Read more